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David Healey ARPS - Chairman

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I enjoy landscape photography, use digital and  a variety of formats of film cameras, tutor digital and analogue photography in two schools, write, and am a volunteer photographer at Lichfield Cathedral. I have taken pictures since the age of ten, and began to learn photography at school.

Photographers whose work I admire most include Ansel Adams, Steve McCurry and Edwin Smith.






Richard Bradford ARPS - Hon. Secretary, Newsletter Editor


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I worked for Paterson Products, Agfa-Gevaert's graphic arts division, and De Vere. The latter not only made enlargers but were also agents for other studio and darkroom equipment.

My roles were mainly product testing, troubleshooting, giving advice and export management. I also studied Applied Photography, Film and Television at the erstwhile Harrow School of Photography (later subsumed into the University of Westminster).

Nowadays I teach, and am also a member of the Imaging Science SIG. If I had to classify my own photography, it would principally be 'outdoors' - landscapes and documentary. With an archive of film-based images and a 'digital darkroom', I am interested in analogue-digital 'hybrid' systems.



Peter Young LRPS - Treasurer


Encouraged by my parents in my childhood, photography was always in my life. It was a fond uncle who gave me a processing kit before my teens and the magic of the darkroom took hold of me. I retired from accountancy in 2011.

Although I never gave up my darkroom, I became a digital photographer, but realised how much more I enjoyed shooting film and, when my wife said that she wished she had a camera that did so much more than hers, I gave her my DSLR and have used B/W film exclusively since. My view is that it's the picture that matters, not how it was produced as my international successes have proved.




Stephen Godfrey - Programme Secretary



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Amy-Fern Nuttall ARPS - Web Content Manager



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As a Bachelors and Masters graduate in Photography, I have been professionally involved in portraiture, still life, music and event photography, however, I spend my spare time photographing nature and landscapes with a preference for medium format film photography. As well as being a certified Graphic Designer, I also help run and design several websites.


I have won, and been commended for, various awards including the BPIF British Print Futures Award and the Fujifilm Photography Award, and in 2015 I became a Royal Photographic Society Associate.




Simon W Miles - Newsletter design


From the earliest days of trying to distill the two week family holiday onto one roll of 12 exposures through working with weddings, shooting sport and experiencing fashion to current personal work with black and white, the analogue process has been central to Simon W Miles’ involvement with photography - watching the image appear in the developer is still a magical moment for him! The tactile handprinted photo as a physical object is what drives his image making.


Simon W Miles has been a member of the RPS since 2010, enjoys attending the enthusiastic Western Area Region when he can and feels privileged to be able to contribute to the RPS Analogue Group. He is currently employed in graphics for own-branded products in the private health-care market.


Claim-to-fame: Shortlisted Ilford Young Printer of the Year finalist; many moons ago!




Kay Reeve FRPS

I come from a family of photographers and have owned and used a variety of cameras since childhood. I obtained the Fellowship of the Society with a panel of Nature slides, and still prefer to use slide film if want images to project. I now normally shoot digitally if I am aiming for a colour print, but much prefer to shoot film and print in a darkroom when I am working in monochrome, as for me the depth and richness of a darkroom print cannot be beaten.


I am a solicitor by profession, finally retiring from practice about ten years ago. I am currently a Trustee and the Honorary Secretary of the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust


Owen Andrew

My interest in photography began with my interest in walking as a teenager and grew with my occupations in graphic design and later in continuing education in art & design. Now I am retired and have more time to devote to photography.


My ambition as a photographer is to continue to develop the skills that will better enable me to convey to others my interpretation the the world around me. The subjects that attract me most are landscape and floral though I am starting to consider still life. I have no unique style but prefer to use whatever means I think at the time will represent the way I feel about the subject.


I have returned to using film because it is still available as an alternative and I find the process of developing negatives and printing them a welcome change from editing at a computer monitor. I enjoy experimenting with a variety of films from 35mm to large format and cameras including pinhole and plastic ‘toys’.