Bookworm Club


The Bookworm Club meet to dicuss photography book about ten times a year (no meetings in December or in the Summer).  Occasionally they may attend Exhibitions or Workshops as a group.  Meetings are usually on the third Wednesday of the month but may vary.  

All are welcome but meetings are deliberately kept to a small number (usually about 10) so that all can enjoy and participate in discussions.   For more information, to check dates and to book, see the RPS London Events website:

During the 2017/2018 Season, the Group studied David Bate's book 'Art of Photography' in depth.   Following this, they have studied 'The Ongoing Moment' by Geoff Dyer:  the y will be selecting a new book in February for their "Spring Reading".

Come along and meet the group at any meeting - all welcome.




The following is a reading list to which the members are invited to contribute their personal recommendations and thus build it as a reference for the Group.

The first suggestions by Bookworm members are listed below.

  • Gerry Badger, The Genius of Photography, 2007

  • Gerry Badger, The Pleasures of Good Photographs, 2010

  • John Berger, several books including: Understanding a Photograph, 2013; Another Way of Telling, 1982

  • Cartier-Bresson: A Question of Colour, 2012

  • Henry Carroll, Read this if you want to take great photographs, 2014

  • Jackie Higgins, Why it does not have to be in focus: modern photography explained, Thames & Hudson, 2013

  • Robin Kelsey, Photography and the Art of Chance, 2015

  • Ashley La Grange, Basic Critical Theory for Photographers, 2005

  • Stephen Shore, The Nature of Photographs, 2007

  • Liz Wells, A Critical Introduction, 5th revised edition, 2015

Recommendation from Del Barrett is 'The Pencil of Nature' (Henry Fox Talbot) - downloadable from Project Gutenberg.  There’s a whole load of free stuff on their bookshelf <> , for those interested in historical stuff.