About Us

The London Region of the RPS aims to provide opportunities for photographers of all levels to learn and develop their skills in positive and enjoyable environments, whether in workshops, as group events, on group walks or by taking part in projects.

We currently have three micro-groups - street, london naturally and bookworms - which meet on a regular, usually monthly, basis, and are led by volunteers with particular interest in these areas - to see more, follow the links - or see the right hand side of this page.

We also have two local groups - one in SW London and one in SE London, which provide an opportunity for London Members to meet locally and discuss 'all things photographic'.   They meet on the 2nd and last Tuesdays respectively, and details can be found on the Events Page

We keep in touch with our members through our events mentioned above, through e-mails, our Facebook pages and Twitter:  See below.  At the end of each month we send out an e-mail update called Capital Letter, which is a reminder of key events happening during the next two months.  Every other month we publish our 'e-zine' Capital Interest, where we highlight the work of members and report on items which have been brought to our notice as being of potential interest..

The RPS is run by a small staff at Bath HQ and by a huge number of volunteers and London is no exception and there can never be too many.  Our volunteers work very much as a team:  we meet as a group every two to three months to share ideas, so why not join us by bringing your skills and ideas to the Region? 

Our main Facebook Instagram and Twitter channels are here - click on the images below to go directly to our social media pages...

 https://www.facebook.com/RPSLondon @The_RPSLondon


Each of our Micro-Groups has its own identity and its own facebook page. Click on the image to go directly to the Facebook site....



And you can find us on meetup....