Ms Lisa Powers

I'm a French/American creative photographer currently based in New Zealand.  I've suffered many years of self-employment alternating between starvation and huge successes in commercial advertising. 

I'm proud to have won ARPS Distinctions, in addition to several other awards along the way.

I have no formal, scholastic training in photography, but have learned heaps from studying, copying, and shamelessly stealing from photo Masters. 

Currently, I'm enjoying creating imagery as Fine Art, rather than rendering ideas from advertising art directors, and am also completing a photographically illustrated children's book...(not easy).

I live with five kitties, I'm 100% vegetarian/ 90% vegan (I eat eggs ONLY if I know they're locally laid by free-range happy little hens).

I'm active in Animal Rights causes, rally against factory farming, boycott all SeaWorlds and circuses that abuse animals for entertainment (we are NOT entertained), support and foster stray cats, and I have not OWNED a TV for over 25 years!


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