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At last after all these years, I finally made the step to join the RPS.

Started photography with a J5 Yashica. in 1978  took it with me on biking tours, How I wish I kept those negatives. Inspired by David Bailey and then watching what a picture by John Hedgco. My photography career took me with out any training. I had photographed, a wedding as a friend , when I took a call and found that the photographer who was official, lost all his and his wife’s films.  And people loved them. L earned dark room work from a know photographer Bill Roberts. Started to read every book on the subject, including the Ilford manual of photography, and experimented with photo chemistry. Was offered by a fleet street photographer studio space in Axminster, where I opened a studio, Key Light photography in 1984. I joined Guild of wedding photographers and MPS, using medium format, RB67 and 6.45 Loved it, It took me a long time to convert to digital. Took the NYIP course. Photographed for local papers and moved into Industrial photography.

My work was diverse then, Being asked to photograph everything from Antiques, industrial machinery and work place to portraits of celebrities and baby photography. Wedding photography was in demand although hard work and worrying at times. Publications in Dog world and heritage/ Devon life. I think my real Passion was nation geographic. The lenses and chance to travel seemed only a dream at the time.

Bought a small A70 3.5 MP that still to day got some awards for architecture.
The a 350 S My first Asian wedding in Shang Hai in Jan Feb Chinese new year in freezing conditions.

2006 Moved to Borneo where I lived for 9 years as a marine life research assistant and dive instructor, teaching underwater photography and Open water dives.

I also became noticed by the local photographic clubs.

Photographer for the Elite Model group.

2 publications in National geographic.

Took courses on top of courses. This still did not help me find my self and a direction to what most photographers call a specialty.  Even after studying with the OCA I still feel I have no set style, that one may see my work and say, OH! That’s the work of Gary Bridger.  

I call my self Diverse photography. That covers everything. Well mostly everything.

My aim? to get up there and produce a book. Fining it tough to sell work and become noticed, Over coming dyslexia.

I am seeking work. In photography, still hungry for knowledge and to improve.

Aiming for my QTS for teaching.

I love to go fishing here in England . Go to wonderful places and cities to capture life.

Play the guitar. Teach martial arts.  I enjoy macro mostly and  photographing people.

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