Science Photographer of the Year

Science Photographer of the Year is the RPS’s new exhibition showcasing the best scientific photography, and photography of science selected by an expert panel from an open call made earlier this year. This year’s exhibition opens at the Science Museum, London, on 7 October.  

Visitors will be able to view aspects of the world around them from a scientific perspective, along with the invisible worlds revealed using specialist equipment and imaging techniques. The exhibition will also shed light on some of the more serious questions for which we look to science for answers, through thought-provoking images exploring human health, environmental conservation and the protection of endangered wildlife.

The 70 images on display have been captured using a range of modern technologies. From radio digital telescopes and the latest medical imaging equipment to the ubiquitous smartphone. The exhibition showcases rare scientific phenomena as well as the science that affects our everyday lives.

© Victor SykoraThe shortlist was decided by an expert panel of judges including the Science Museum’s Science Director, Roger Highfield, TV Presenter Dallas Campbell, artist Zoe Laughlin and Medical Imaging Expert Catherine Draycott. Roger Highfield, Science Director at the Science Museum, said: ‘We’re thrilled to be hosting The Royal Photographic Society’s Science Photographer of the Year competition in an exhibition at the Science Museum. Since its inception, photography has bridged the worlds of art and science with images which spark and sate curiosity in equal measure. Through images of aesthetic beauty, we can tell stories about the universe and reveal places and phenomena that the naked eye will never see.

Gary Evans, RPS Science Exhibition Coordinator, said: ‘Since the very beginning, science has been integral to photography. Now photography has become integralto the way science is carried out and how it is communicated to the wider public. We are delighted to be the guests of the Science Museum for this exhibition and we are sure the images will engage, entertain and educate in equal measure.’


The exhibition opens over 160 years after the Royal Photographic Society’s first public photography exhibition which was hosted in 1854 at the South Kensington Museum, the precursor to the Science Museum and some 80 years after the RPS last exhibited at the Science Museum. 

RPS Science Photography of the Year
Science Museum, Exhibition Road, London, SW7 2DD
7 October 2019 – 5 January 2020
Admission is free, but tickets are required and available here.

Images: Main: © Kym Cox ARPS, Soap Bubble Structures. © Yasmin Crawford, Mapping Oxygen; © Viktor Sykora, Stag Beetle. © Richard Germain, Safety Corona.